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The Crucible
Die Fledermaus
Werther (Premiere)

Die Perlen der Cleopatra
Cavalleria rusticana / Pagliacci (Premiere)

Die lustige Witwe (Premiere)
Musical Meets Opera
Die lustige Witwe

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Dantons Tod (Premiere)
Die lustige Witwe
Die Perlen der Cleopatra
Pagliacci / Cavalleria rusticana (Premiere)

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DATE 19.06.2018


Guest soloist

Merkel / Hahn / Weinöhl

KS Thomas Hampson,
KS Kurt Rydl,

Anna Brull,
Andrea Purtic, Ivan Orescanin,
Bárbara Flora, Simon Van Heddegem,
Christoph Wagner-Trenkwitz

Ballet, Chor und Orchester
Oper Graz

Oper Graz

Österreichischer Musiktheaterpreis

DATE 04.08.2018


PAGLIACCI (Leoncavallo)


  Moresco / Crisante


Aldo Di Toro, Kiyoka Sakamoto,
Nicholas Lester, Stefano Osbat

Rosalba Nicolini, Aldo Di Toro,
Stefano Fagioli, Amelia Burns,
Valentina Di Cola

l'Opera nel Borgo, Castelfrentano

l'Opera nel Borgo





From Paris to Berlin - a musical journey

>> Mi velimo dase dase, Veslimo! <<
Paris is of course the de facto scene of Franz Lehárs operetta DIE LUSTIGE WITWE, although one would be hard pressed to actually find the Embassy of Pontevedro there.
During September and October, I will sing the role of Bogdanowitsch in a stellar cast, which includes Thomas Hampson, Veronique Gens and Siegfried Jerusalem, at the Opéra Bastille.
Da geh'n wir ins Maxim - But really!

>> And you ask me why I love her <<
Wearing the label of "Musical Omnivore" (Place de l'Opéra, 2014) with pride, I am delighted to be hosting and singing the 3rd annual MUSICAL MEETS OPERA concerts of the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra at de Doelen in November.
Led by conductor Koen Schoots and together with musical stars Romy Monteiro and Jim Bakkum, cross-over expert Katie Hall, Hollands darling mezzo Karin Strobos and Australitalian tenor Aldo di Toro, we will find out what "Unexpected Love" there is to find between Bizet and Sondheim or Verdi and Lloyd Webber.

>> Da geh' ich ins Maxim, take 2 <<
No New Years Eve without operetta. This time the Embassy of Pontevedro sets up camp in Erfurt, where I will take my Danilo for a house debut and 4 performances, in a new production directed by Axel Köhler and conducted altenately by GMD Joana Mallwitz and Chanmin Chung - DIE LUSTIGE WITWE at Theater Erfurt on the last day of 2017 and running into March.

>> Die Statue der Freiheit ist noch nicht gegossen! <<
After the success of Egks PEER GYNT and Wards THE CRUCIBLE, I am very much looking forward to adding a further  classic stage role to my repertoire.
In 1939, at the age of 21, Gottfried von Einem came across the first play written by 22-year-old George Büchner and was overwhelmed. The result of this encounter, DANTONS TOD, was the first opera by a living composer to be premiered at the Salzburger Festspiele (1947). On his 100th birthday and in a new production, directed by Karen Stone, conducted by GMD Kimbo Ishii and premiering in January, I will be portraying the title role at the Opernhaus des Theaters Magdeburg.

>> Tosca, finalmente mia! <<
February at the same theatre, I will be making yet another major role debut - that of the villainous chief of Roman police, Baron Scarpia - next to Izabela Matula as Tosca and Aldo Di Toro as Cavaradossi. In the revival of a riveting staging by Magdeburgs Generalintendantin Karen Stone, 5 performances of Puccini's TOSCA will run until May.

>> Cleopatra, du Königin am Nil <<
Arriving in Berlin for more operetta, I will once again give the Roman toy boy Victorian Silvius to Dagmar Manzels Egyptian Queen-on-the-Spree in the Barry Kosky-produced, Otto Pichler-choreographed and Adam Benzwi-conducted DIE PERLEN DER CLEOPATRA, in February and March at the Komische Oper Berlin.

Tosca - Opernhaus des Theaters Magdeburg (from February 17, 2018)

Dantons Tod

Die lustige Witwe

Die Perlen der Cleopatra - Komische Oper Berlin (back on February 15, 2018)

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